Hidcote Manor Garden - Cotswold Walk

Hidcote Manor's garden rooms offer visitors walks in Cotswold gardens of yew and hornbeam hedges, topiaries, ponds and fountains. Located close to the village of Hidcote Bartrim, near Chipping Campden Gloucestershire, Hidcote Manor Garden is indeed the jewel of the Cotswolds.

Created by American Lawrence Johnston, influenced by Gertrude Jekyll, Hidcote Manor Garden is the most loved and influential garden from the Arts and Crafts movement era.

Now owned by the National Trust, Hidcote Manor gardens are a perfect example of a cottage garden on the grand scale. The gardens present achievable inspiration which can apply to the most humble suburban garden. With its linked "rooms" of rare trees, shrubs, hedges, and stunning herbaceous borders, Hidcote Manor's understated gardens are truly a treasure.

Hidcote Manor Garden - CotswoldsOn arrival at the gardens, we felt a little overwhelmed at the seemingly unlimited choice of outdoor garden rooms. We soon relaxed when each new garden presented either splendid lawns, borders, colour coordinated plantings or tranquil ponds replete with the sound of running water. Our conclusion is that there is no preferred order to take in the beauty. Just go with the flow and be amazed at each new horticultural discovery.

The remarkable value of Hidcote Manor Garden is that compared to traditional formal gardens (beautiful as they are), each Hidcote garden room could be replicated to some extent, in a normal domestic garden. We laughed when we realized that we already have many of the plants and shrubs... only not in the best order!

Hidcote Manor Garden - Garden RoomKey features of Hidcote Manor Garden:

Old garden: Guarded by a substantial cedar of Lebanon tree, the old garden is a good place to start your journey. The borders on both sides are soft in colour, featuring mauves, pinks and blues. The further from the house you go the design changes, becoming less formal as you move further from the house.

Red borders garden: On your left and right you see small brick gazebos that are an outstanding feature of the garden. Behind you is the stilt garden casting a tribute to France. Hedges of yew hedgemonize the gates framing romantic views over farmland.

Plant house: A lovely lily pool resplendent with flowering lilies are a highlight. The intoxicating smell of jasmine perfumes the inside of the plant house.

Hidcote HouseHidcote Doorway

There is a pleasant and spacious picnic area close the the car park with enjoyable views of the unparalleled Cotswold countryside.

Lunch, teas, plants and gifts are also for sale at the entrance of the house and gardens.

Address: Hidcote Bartrim, near Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire, GL55 6LR

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